9 Best-selling Analog Watches On Amazon for Teenagers: Watches are a popular gadget of old times. Not at all. They are still the best and reliable investment that you should do for yourself. I know that the current generation is more fond of smartwatches to wear on their hands and shows off every day. But when they discharge, you find situations more unconformable. 

That is also true for most of the discipline people. Have you ever thought about it? Smartwatches and fitness band, today gaining popularity among the teen. But they are not durable. All these electronic gadgets are doing more than watches like counting steps and exercise, keep track of sleep cycles and calculate calorie burn. But they need to charge every time. That is the most annoying part because they need your every afford to charge as you go.

9 Most Affordable Analog Watches for Teenagers below Rs 2000 that buy on Amazon India:

9 Best-selling Analog Watches On Amazon that Teens Loved - BestWatches

If you are a student, then possibly it is not allowed in the examination hall and you would not keep track of paper timings. All you need is to buy a dumb watch that is not fond of tracking all your activities but gives you actual control of your time to you, without vulnerable your privacies. 

We give you a handful of insight regarding the  9 most affordable analog watches that you can buy from Amazon India below Rs 2,000. All these best watches are delivered from genuine sellers. You do not have to worry because all the above watches are great in quality and available in various color options. 

1. Fastrack Economy 2013 Analog Multicolor 


A well-known Indian watch brand, popular among the youth. That's why Fastrack is launching a variety of new watches for teens. Did you know, you can buy a stylish or a sports watch without paying more?

Yes, you hear it right. Fastrack range of watches starts within Rs700-800 and go beyond Rs 50000 and above. Fastrack Economy 2013 edition is the best example of that. It is an analog watch launched with multi-color options, you can choose any. 

Fastrack Economy 2013 Analog Multi-color watch is specially designed for Men's. It is a go-to choice for School and College goers. It comes with a round shape dialer which looks fantastic on a small wrist. The strap quality is good enough to wear the whole day. It is made up of silicone with black color, fits on all the dresses. 

50m water resistance allows it to wear in the typical Indian environment but it is not good for swimmers. Its weight is around 186 grams which are far more than feeling bulky. Its price varies between Rs 1900-2000, must buy for any beginner. 

Why you should buy Fastrack Economy 2013 edition?  Because it especially designed for teenagers to keep in mind. A high-quality piece with affordability and style.  

2. Casio Youth-Analog Men's Watch - MRW-200H-1B3VDF (A1183)


People who like looks of sports watch than Casio Youth-Analog Analog Black Dial Men's Watch - MRW-200H-1B3VDF is probably the best choice. Casio Youth-Analog comes with a round dialer giving information like time, date and current day. 

Case diameter is around 47mm which looks pretty unique in case you are a youngster. The Crown presents on the right side appearances larger than the watch itself. But while wearing, it resembles with its design.

This Casio watch has 14mm of thickness which is great and the strap has a better quality. it weighs only 200 grams. And comes with 2 years of brand warranty. Check more specs and prices below.

Why you should buy Casio Youth-Analog  MRW-200H-1B3VDF? because of its sporty looks and tendency to match with any outfits you wear. Anyone who wants more durability should own this piece of old technology. 

3. Timex Fashion Analog Multi-Color TI000U90000


If you are eagerly waiting for any International watch brand to buy, Timex is one of the best choices you made. It was founded in 1854. It operates in the Indian Market for a long time. Timex is popular among the people who used to wear formal outfits. Timex Fashion TI000U90000 is one of their afford to make that condition more appealing. 

Timex Fashion TI000U90000 has launched in two color options white and black. The above image of  Timex Fashion is in white dialer with the round shape. Its Case Material is made up of brass and its case diameter is around 45mm. Timex has quartz movement in their analog watch which is efficient in time and needs less maintenance.

Why you should buy Timex Fashion TI000U90000? because it comes with high-quality design elements that you should always look in branded watches. Other then that, it has 2 years of manufacturer warranty. Click the button to learn more. 

4. Sonata Ocean Series II Analog Multi-Colour Dial Men's Watch -NH77014PP03C


Other sports watch especially for big wrist guys, is Sonata Ocean Series II Analog Multi-Colour Dial Men's Watch -NH77014PP03C. Its name is too long to remember, but it launched under the Sonata Ocean brand. 

Sonata Ocean Series II NH77014PP03C comes with 26mm of bandwidth and its band material is made up of fiber. it looks simple but stylish for any teenager. The best part of owning it, is its rigidness. Specially designed for tough situations. 

Why You Should own Sonata Ocean Series II -NH77014PP03C? because it is a value of money, can use on travel trips, and high moisture conditions. Water-resistance makes it a favorite purchase for swimmers and divers.   

5. Titan analog white dial men's watch- NK1639SL03


If you are a person, wants to add any responsible element to your personality, Titan analog NK1639SL03 is the best option to choose from all others. It looks simple and minimal because it adds Combining impressive craftsmanship with a stylish aesthetic. 

White dialer dedicated to minimalism and black strap made up of lather looks pretty impressive. It seems remarkable in full-dress outfits. Quartz movement Analog style Titan NK1639SL03 has to wear both small and big wrists.  

Why You should own Titan analog NK1639SL03? Because it is the best choice for party lovers. Fits almost any outfits but always try to wear in office wear is the best decision you can make after owning this watch. Best affordable watch for beginners. 

6. Fastrack Analog Multi-Color Men's NK3039SL06


Fastrack is always doing impressive launches for more focusing on teenagers. Their watches are affordable, well-built and trendy. Fastrack Analog NK3039SL06 makes it more appealing to the design statement Fastrack always follows. 

Fastrack Analog NK3039SL06 comes with the stainless steel case and leather strap. Those who have a small wrist can also wear this because of its 42mm case diameter. Its quartz movement and leather strap are awesome. 

Why You Should Buy Fastrack Analog NK3039SL06? Because of its price at Rs 1800 that making it more affordable for even a starter. If you are not own a watch previously, then Fastrack Analog NK3039SL06 is one of that to own in your teenage.

7. Casio Enticer Analog white watch - MTP-V006D-7BUDF

If you are a fan of old-style analog watches, then our next mentioned will blow your mind. Casio Enticer  MTP-V006D-7BUDF is a simple and older crafted watch by the Casio brand. this42mm dialer watch comes with a silver chain rather than a leather strap. 

Casio Enticer  MTP-V006D-7BUDF has a little bit old-style element like the crown present on the right side, it appeared small. Expect the time, it also shows you day an date. Which is unique in the price segment. Apart from using a metal strap, its weight is 95grams. It comes with 2 years of brand warranty, definitely a good reason to buy. 

Why should you own Casio Enticer  MTP-V006D-7BUDF? Because it sells by a well-known brand Casio. Apart from that, its white dialer appears simple, quite effective while using it in direct sunlight. If you are a Fan of classic watches, This Casio watch is definitely in your jewelry list. 

8. Sonata Analog Black Dial men's watch NK7924NM01


When you ask any Indian about their first watch, I bet he will definitely tell you about Sonata. It is the old Indian brand owned by TATA and way elder then-recent Fastrack watches. Sonata Analog Black Dial men's watch NK7924NM01 equipped with an analog display that is studded with stones.

This kind of modern looks extended more by classy watch hands used for displaying hours, minutes and seconds. One more thing, that is fascinating in this watch, is its Metallic strap colored, Black. The whole piece of the watch is black in color. But this would not separate it from people's attention.

Why Should You Buy Sonata Analog Black Dial men's watch NK7924NM01? Because if any of your family members would own watches of this brand, ask them why they do so. The best answer is that Sonata knew better what an Indian wants, that is Affordability, Durability & Style. 

9. MAXIMA Attivo Date Black Dial Men - 26752PMGT


The last in our list is MAXIMA Attivo 26752PMGT which looks pretty impressive because of its high quality built. The case diameter is 46mm which looks apparently good for all small and large wrist. One thing which you would not forget without noticing is its color of the strap. 

MAXIMA Attivo 26752PMGT has all the modern-day watch design elements which are popular among teens. The crown is a little bit bend, but working properly in all that condition. In addition to time, it also displays the date. Watch hands are matched with its stainless steel. 

Why You Should Own MAXIMA Attivo 26752PMGT? because of its unique and trendy looks. Yes, you are right. The watch has a little bit bigger dialer but it looks aggressive and cool. It costs you around Rs 1300, affordable and promises to never heart your pockets.   

Wrapping Up: 

All the above watches are the best analog watches that you should buy on Amazon India. These watches have a little bit taste of old wearables but value of money. 

You should definitely own a watch because it is the best way to remember the struggle you are facing now. Every watch is telling its owner story. I have atleast 5 analog watches straight from the beginning of my study times. You can also carry one that fits all your circumstances. Don;t buy any cheap watch to save some buck. It will cost you more in long run. 

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